Cartoons for adults. Part one.


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As children, we all watched cartoons, but as we get older, we sometimes think that cartoons are just for kids. This is not so, for every age you can find a cartoon to your liking. And now I want to talk about cartoons that are suitable for an adult audience. The topics and issues that are covered in these cartoons are understandable to adults, and they can find something for themselves. So happy reading.

Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

The world is divided into four nations: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Air Nomads, and the Fire Nation. Representatives of each nation have the ability to control their elements and call themselves the magicians of Water, Earth, Air or Fire. Only the Avatar is the master of all four elements. Its role is to maintain balance between peoples and preserve world order.
One day, the leader of the Fire Nation, the Master of Fire, unleashed a war in order to subjugate the rest of the nations. The responsibility for saving the world fell on the shoulders of a twelve-year-old boy, an airbender named Aang, who found out that he was the Avatar. Aang embarks on a perilous journey with his brave Water Tribe friends Katara and her brother Sokka. He has to master all the elements, go through many trials, overcome his fears and defeat the Fire Lord in order to stop the war and restore balance in the world.
I’m sure most have heard or even watched this work. But it’s worth it! This is a gorgeous cartoon, which is divided into 4 books, tells us about the important values ​​of life, like friendship, love, family and honor. For each viewer to put on a hero who will become his favorite.
I liked that it shows the full path from a little boy who was afraid of his responsibility to a guy who is ready to risk his life and not deviate from his life values.
The continuation of this cartoon is Avatar: The Legend of Korra, but I have not finished watching this cartoon yet. And so I advise you to watch it, to feel like a child.

Samurai Jack.

16th century, Japan. An evil demon named Aku attacked the capital of Japan, destroying everything in its path. The emperor asked three wise men with a mystical gift to forge a magic katana endowed with the powers of good, and then fought with Aku, and the forces of good defeated evil, the demon went to the mountains and turned into stone there.
After 8 years, during a solar eclipse, Aku rises again from stone. By that time, the emperor had grown old, he had a little son, who would later become famous as the samurai Jack. Aku attacks their homeland again, capturing the emperor. However, his wife and son are saved. The boy travels all over the world, meeting skilled craftsmen. With them, he learns horseback riding, weaponry, judo, Greco-Roman wrestling, kung fu and other martial arts. And so, the new samurai returns to his homeland, which is in the power of Aku. The aged mother gives him the magic sword. He frees his father and the other enslaved. He then bravely fights Aku. The demon himself is trying to reincarnate into various creatures, but cannot resist the mighty warrior. And so, when a young samurai raises his sword for a fatal blow, Aku opens a time portal and sends his enemy into the future – 25,000 years ahead. Now the samurai, whom the locals have named Jack, must find a way back to his own time in order to fix the future and destroy Aku.
Without leaving the company working on Avatar, let’s talk about one more of the works. Samurai Jack. A cartoon that differs from most in its art may seem childish at first. But in it, deep inside, there is not a simple philosophy of the samurai, both war and man.
The long-awaited season 5 gave fans the ending of this cartoon, and it was very touching. Samurai fulfilled his mission, but at what cost? You yourself will learn about it from this cartoon.
The cartoon looks easy, but there is action, interesting characters. And of course, the main villain will be able to please you. So for an easy evening, it is the most!


Gravity Falls.

The action takes place in the summer in the fictional town of Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls; literally – “gravity falls”; a play on words is used here – “Falls” (from the English waterfall) is relatively common in American place names) in Oregon, where the twins Dipper and Mabel Pines go on vacation to their great-uncle Stan (whom they call, according to various translators: uncle, grandfather or great-uncle (English grunkle – short for the phrase great / grand uncle – great-uncle)). He is the owner of a souvenir shop – “lure for tourists” – “Mystery Shack”. At first, the heroes are bored, but they soon discover that something supernatural is happening in the city. Dipper accidentally finds diary number three in the forest, the author of which is unknown. It details the anomalies of Gravity Falls. Dipper immediately decides to find out the secrets of a strange town and find the author of the diary, but at every step Dipper and Mabel are in danger. The surroundings of Gravity Falls are full of mysterious places, anomalies and strange creatures.
The cartoon may seem childish, but there is so much encrypted in it. From various inscriptions, phrases, clues, coordinates or secrets, good topics for family and relationships with people will be raised in the cartoon itself.
And the town itself pleased me with many different mysterious places that are in it, with each series you learn something more about this city. But in season 2, everything changes dramatically.
And of course, mysticism and demons, magic and mystical creatures. So watch this cartoon and you yourself will want to solve all the fonts.


On the other side of the fence.

The main characters, brothers Wirt and Greg (Gregory), are looking for a way home from a mysterious forest called “Unknown”, with the help of an old lumberjack and an eastern sialia named Beatrice.
Wirth, the older brother, is an anxious teenager who prefers to stay out of the way than take risks and make big decisions. He is attracted to playing the clarinet and writing poetry, which he does not share with anyone for fear of being ridiculed for his feelings. Greg, the younger brother, is naive and carefree, the exact opposite of Wirt.
This cartoon will be somewhat similar to a fairy tale or Gravity Falls. Here I liked the relationship between the two brothers, who are very different from each other. That every brother has quarrels, resentments, but also love for each other and a desire to protect.
A fairytale forest where a terrible monster lives, as well as various creatures. Shown in a very cute and simple way, there is no desire to intimidate you. No. There is a desire to walk this road together with the brothers and meet everyone who you meet along the way.


Legend of Vox Machina.

Seven friends have long been accustomed to the fact that everyone around them considers them losers who are not capable of anything. After all, they often just wander around the city and endlessly drink strong drinks. Do they deserve any other feedback in their address? But friends want to show everyone that they are very wrong. After all, very soon they have to make an incredible and dangerous journey. They became aware that insidious monsters had penetrated the planet. And now they are doing everything to seize power and subjugate people to themselves. And then there will be no chance of salvation. The guys need to become the best and cohesive squad in order to adequately resist the enemy. There are difficulties along the way. And they are not afraid to begin to solve them. Some are even willing to sacrifice themselves to give a second chance at life to everyone around them. And it doesn’t matter to them whether anyone appreciates it or not. Most importantly, they have already received. All these trials rallied them and turned them into a real and friendly family. After all, this is what they have been missing so much all these long years. And now they are ready to change forever and fully experience what true happiness is when you are loved, appreciated and when you are very much valued.
I was hooked on the Dungeons and Dragons games, so this cartoon was also planted on me. But let me tell you, I liked it. Dark fantasy, where everyone is trying to survive, and they also showed various heroes here. I liked it, the story is interesting, exciting, the graphics are what you need. So if you like Dungeons and Dragons style games, then you will like this cartoon.