Cartoons for adults. Second part


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Here is the second part about cartoons for adults! These are not the cartoons that you originally thought!


Rick and Morty

In the center of the plot is a schoolboy named Morty and his grandfather Rick. Morty is the most ordinary boy who is no different from his peers. But his grandfather is engaged in unusual scientific research and is often completely inadequate. He can grab his grandson at any time of the day or night and go with him on crazy adventures with the help of a flying saucer built from various rubbish, which is able to move through an interdimensional tunnel. Each time, this couple finds themselves in the most unexpected places and the most ridiculous situations.
Is there anything else I need to say? Gorgeous, hard at times, sometimes I didn’t understand what was happening. But fun and colorful.
Definitely yes.


Conspiracy Corporation

The action takes place in the American organization Cognito Inc., owned by the Shadow Government, where employees hide conspiracy theories that are true from prying eyes. The series tells about a girl engineer and her colleague who are trying to uncover all the secrets of the world, working in one place with werewolf reptilians, mutants and psychic mushrooms.
It’s like Rick and Morty, but here all the theories that have ever been are the reality. And they are very well hidden. I’m really looking forward to season 2 of this cartoon, it’s just a very chic cartoon.
And the quarrels between father and daughter, or relationships among colleagues and within the company, are very interesting to watch. So be sure to check it out.


Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has broken off her relationship with the Joker and is now trying to become the Queen of Gotham’s underworld on her own.
I may not be such a fan of DC, but I know a little about their history. So it was very interesting to watch the failures and the solution of these failures for bad heroes. Yes, here the main characters are not heroes, but their opponents. It’s also great to see the city of Gotham and its people who just don’t want to leave. And they endure it all.
Action, fights, black humor, blood and various scenes, if you like all this, then this cartoon is for you.


Lower decks

The series focuses on four young ensigns serving on the USS Cerritos, a Starfleet California-class auxiliary ship. Unlike the Enterprise, Cerritos deals with “second contact” issues, ensuring that relationships are established and maintained with newly discovered civilizations.
All the time, for myself, I learned about the Stark Trek universe. I knew about the series, but it is not so popular with us, because it came out much later. And after the new films, I really liked this topic. This cartoon is from the same universe, but there will be a ship about which there was little in the films. So that’s interesting. They will also show us here what the privates who are on the lower decks are doing. After all, that’s what the cartoon is called.
If you like this topic, then watch this cartoon. I haven’t finished watching it yet, but I’ll try to finish it soon.


Hell boss

The series is about the employees of I.M.P. (Immediate Murder Professionals), a Hell Murder company doing various jobs. Members of the I.M.P. are Blitz (Blitzo, “o” is not pronounced), the boss of the enterprise, as well as weapons specialist Moxxi, his energetic wife Milly and secretary Hellhound Moon. With the help of an ancient book obtained from the Goetian Hell demon, Stolas, they manage to organize their work and together try to keep their business afloat.
There is a “Hazbin Hotel” that tells you something, then you should watch this cartoon. This is about demons, black humor, obscene phrases and everything that is possible only for adults.
I was waiting for every episode, but I’m more looking forward to the Hotel itself. So for me it was like a “bridge” to something long-awaited. But I liked this bridge too. So take a look.