A Few Simple FACTS

Name: Evgenia
Birthday: Sep 16th
Astrological Sign: Maiden
Ethnic Descent: Russian
Languages: Russian, English
Occupation: Webcam model, Blogger, Cosplayer
Residency: Russian, Moscow
Favorite color: Black, Red


Hi everyone. My name is Terefur, I am 24 years old. I was born in Russia, in a small town. I am of medium height, medium build, an athlete in the past. I have blond hair and blue eyes, a typical description of a Russian girl yes? Of the clothes, I almost all the time preferred a more comfortable and slightly larger than my sweater size. Big and warm sweatshirts are my favorite clothes.

At the expense of my character, I would say that I am a very strange person. Who has everything in which he is in the mood, I can easily support the conversation with friends, and sometimes just leave and be alone. I am an introvert and I am sometimes very calm to be alone. But even then, my cat comes to me. Her name is Risi, from Toffee. About school and college, I can say little, because I have already forgotten how I felt there. But in addition to school, I studied two musical instruments, went to dances, art lessons, floristics lessons and, of course, several sports sections. Because of some injuries, I had to change sports, so it turned out so much.
Because of my adventures in various classes, I have formed a lot of hobbies and interests, like music. From music as a child, I mainly listened to rock, but now I listen to what I like. From anime, to rock operas. Another of my hobbies was drawing, I draw periodically, but at the moment not as often as I did in college. And since school, I have learned about anime and manga. At that time, it was very difficult to find manga in Russia, especially in a small city. But we sold anime discs, and so my acquaintance with the anime Naruto and other classic anime of that time began.
At the moment, I have video games from my hobby, but I do not have much free time to sit behind them for hours, so I periodically play them. TV shows and movies, well, who doesn’t like to watch them. Well, if you follow my favorite literary work, then these are books and stories by Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe and Conan Doyle. Strange tastes do I have?
Here is such a small biography about me, later I will add a few more moments when I remember them. Everyone for now!