Not much about me and my hobbies

And hello again, I decided to tell you a little bit about how I met the photo and what genres I like more. I hope you’ll be interested.

Everyone I’m sure everyone knows the photos, whether your children’s photos or photos with friends on the phone, we are all familiar with this. Everyone photographs something for themselves, let it be their favorite animal, a beautiful flower, or your child. I, for example, have a bunch of photos of my disgruntled cat, I like it)
But professionally, I met her when I went to college. Everything happened very strange: after school, like most people do not know where to do it, you have a few weeks and everything for thought. Since I liked creativity, I decided to look for something creative. They told me about this college, later I went to the open day and there they told about all the directions in quite detail. It was interesting, but it became scary when they specified how many budget places are given for each year for each direction. I thought that I would not be able to pass the exam and the creative test, and that the grades of my certificate from school were not the highest.
But, I coped and did, met various people, bright personalities and there were a lot of interesting things.
During all training, I learned about what factors are very important for photography: shutter speed, ISO, light, white balance, focus, composition, etc. How to put a composition for a beautiful frame and a lot and a lot more. But the most important thing is of course the genres in photography. There are many of them and each has its own views, but the main ones are: landscape, portrait, still life, sketch, reproductive pictures and reporting.
At the moment, I will not be able to tell you about each genre in detail, so it is better to read on the Internet if you become interested. I’d like to tell you what I’m interested in myself.

I love nature and I like its different beauty, every time of year. And it’s this beauty, it’s these details that complement it and I want to capture it with photographs. So when we took photos in the landscape genre, I searched and looked for more and more amazing and beautiful details of our nature. Every now and then, how did I get better and better, so I hope you like my pictures in the landscape genre.

Also. What, I still do well with this cityscape, the view of a night city or the architecture of any house, is also surprising in its beauty. So this not only needs to be seen, but also try to capture exactly how you would like it yourself. All these lines of buildings and other structures, the noise of cars and the constant movement of cars, people and the city as a whole, all this beauty surrounds us constantly.

Like I said, I like to take pictures of my cat, but I also like to capture other animals with a camera. The expressions of their face, emotions and other movements, it is very interesting to watch all this, it is not always possible to come close to them, and it is not always possible to get exactly the frame that you originally wanted. When my personal exhibition took place in the last year of study, I was often told that I was good at showing the emotions of animals, that they liked how exactly I put the composition with them. I was very pleased with my achievements and I hope you will like them too.

I tried to tell you that most of all I like to photograph, I hope the footage you will see, you will like it and will be able to show you the world as I imagined it at that time: “This world is very beautiful and unique, so everyone can find for themselves what will be close to it.”