Top 10 anime that impressed me at a conscious age – Part 2

Continuation of the first post about my favorite anime:

6. Soul Eater

To fight the evil Kisin, who can “plunge the world into the abyss of madness,” Sinigami-herself (death itself) creates the Academy – a place where the Weapons and Lords undergo joint training. The former are the weapons that will stop the demise of the world; the second are those who will hold these weapons. The Death Spit will turn out when the weapon eats 99 evil souls ready to become Kisin, and 1 witch soul, and therefore all the lords actively compete in the creation of the Death Spit.


The universe of the “Soul Eater” as to me is a parody of the modern world. Many characters featured in this world are similar to some versions of famous people and personalities or literary characters. The central object is, of course, the Shinigami Academy, located in the City of Death. In its center, Sinigami himself lives in the Death Room, students study at the academy itself. Moreover, students usually study not only what they need in the fight, but also in the daily work of the Lord. Much still depends on the whims of the teacher, which, obviously, is another parody element. The main task of students is to perform tasks posted on a special board, which allow them to collect the souls of villains and witches.

One of the main elements of the world is the presence in any being of a soul that has the appearance, size and determining character, as well as the behavior of this being. The stronger the will of the person – the greater the soul. Some souls are able to enter the resonance, for a while mutually reinforcing each other. This is often used by the Lords and their Weapons in order to increase their combat effectiveness many times.

The story revolves around three groups of students, all of them are very different: a very diligent Maki paired with Saul (who has the ability to turn into a spit), a breed for a Black Star ninja paired with Tsubaki (she turns into any ninja weapon) and a symmetry-obsessed Death Jr. (he is the son of Shinigami), working with sisters Pat and Liz Each couple has its own shortcomings in work, all this is very interesting to watch on the screen. The Black Star jokes are sometimes really funny, and the Death of the Younger disease is interestingly shown in a funny way. As in any university, familiality flourishes – Mac, for example, the daughter of the current Death Spit, and Death Jr. is generally the son of God. But kinship does not affect the attitude to study, and rival friends compete in destroying wickedness honestly and with all their might, each in their own style…
Of course, they are all children, but here it is shown how exactly they grow up with each battle, because they can also be killed or injured. Each of these couples will stand up for their friends and will definitely help the other. There will also be one of the main characters – Khrona (master of black blood) and her sword Ragnarok. Here her story will really be difficult, but in its own way it is very interesting.

I really like this anime with my drawing, which reminds me of the style of one of my favorite directors: Tim Burton. Strange faces on the moon and in the sun, drawing the cemetery and creatures, very interesting to watch.
The drawing of battle scenes is very interesting, there will be no few of them.
Of course, separately here you can praise humor, although here the plot is such a little tough, but it is humor that helps children here to remain positive and friendly heroes. Even the most serious heroes here can joke, and in five minutes they will already fight with the enemy.

But there is one big minute, anime adaptation is very different at the end he manga. If this anime comes in, I seriously recommend you to read the manga after the anime, since there will be more places of interaction in the manga, more secondary characters will be revealed. More humor and also a gorgeous last battle.

7. Angel of Bloodshed

One of my favorites, because before the anime came out, I played the game of the same name, so I fell in love with this plot. Later the manga came out, I read it and then the anime comes out.

13-year-old Rachel wakes up in the basement of an abandoned building. She lost her memory, and she has no idea who she might be. Stunned, Rachel wanders around the building and in a fast stumbles upon a man wrapped in bandages. He appears to be Zach, and he has a scythe, as if they are Death.

A connection is established between Rachel and Zach, bound by strange, insane promises.

These two are imprisoned in a strange building, and they don’t know why fate put them there. But they work together, desperately trying to find a way out.

Of course, everything here is connected with the psychology of people and a certain philosophy, but in this anime everything is not seriously revealed here, it is a little sad. The most important thing here is the heroes, that few of them, each owner of his or her floor, and each floor reveals to us his or her owner. All of them are very different, then a maniac with a scythe, then a doctor who loves the eyes, then a priest or a boy who makes graves. They are all different and all with their own stories, but in the anime they will only be revealed a little. Situations in which heroes will fall, very exciting, distrust of each other and the bloodthirstiness of everyone will play a game with them.

All of them are psychos who do not want to change, and want to continue to play this game. It is also very interesting to watch a little girl among all this nightmare and in the end you will empathize with some heroes. The drawing is not bad, but very bright and colorful, for each hero its own color.
The anime does not last long, but if you want to watch an anime about psychos in one building, you can look at this work.

8. Gintama

Love black humor, parcels on various animes and other works, as well as the gradual development of heroes and soon awesome fights both in space and on earth, where there are not only samurai, but also aliens and animals? Then be sure to watch this anime.

The plot of the work is based on the events of the Bakumatsu era.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the first contact with aliens took place – black ships of Amanto aliens landed in Japan. They arrived on Earth with the aim of capturing it. The swords of the samurai and the guns of the Asigaru were powerless against the technologies of the future, and the shogunate obeyed the power of Amanto. Only the patriotic group of Joy resists the power of the invaders; Joy once led the national movement, but now it has degenerated into a terrorist organization, whose members are actively persecuted by the shogunate and Shinsengumi.

Gintoki Sakata, one of the former leaders of Jōya, and now just a master in all hands, is trying to find a source of stable earnings in the new Edo, periodically encountering Shinsengumi, Harusame pirates and members of Jōya, whose current leaders are not rested by his betrayal. Together with his companions Simpati Simura and Kagura, he repeatedly finds himself in dangerous situations, from which he often spins out with the help of friends and tortuosity.

All their given situations look comical, but there are also quite serious battles, not for life, but for death. Samurai fights in recent seasons look just awesome, and music and graphics get better with each season. Yes, only for this it will be necessary to watch the first seasons, in truth, yes, they are prostate and a little boring, but it was only trial seasons. But even in the first seasons there were such funny series and such funny situations that I laughed for a long time, and so with each new season the story begins to move and develop, becoming more and more serious, but not forgetting to dilute all this with humor. On the Internet there are lists of series with their mini content, so for new people you can suggest which series should be watched carefully and which can be left for the background.

I watched this anime when I went to college, and yes I started with the first episodes, but soon I liked the interesting characters and their comic situations so much that this anime became my favorite and almost all my friends I made me watch some episodes.

About the characters, we can say that in each person there is both something good and something repulsive, but each hero was prescribed in such detail, and at the end each hero received his own end. There are also police who shoot bazookas and fight swords, there are alien killers and also many space monsters. Sometimes ordinary people will seem to you as monsters, even Shogun (the ruler of the country) will be present here, both in comic operations and in combat.

If you want to laugh at jokes and see how the heroes are in awkward situations, then watch some series of gintams. I’m sure everyone will find something for themselves in this anime.
List of series with characteristics I can attach separately if you ask)

9. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

The ascent of the Hero of the Shield tells you the story of the ordinary otaku Naofumi Iwatani, who, by fate, when reading an unusual book in the library, along with three other young guys throws himself into a parallel world – in a country called Melromark. Yes, not abs as, but in the role of one of the four legendary heroes, whose purpose is to fight the waves of monsters, at certain moments attacking the kingdom. Of course, heroes will risk their lives for a reason – in return they receive royal approval, human love and mountains of awards. But Naofumi was not very lucky, because he fell out with the class considered the weakest – the Knight of the Shield – who could practically not fight on his own.

In fact, Naofumi Iwatani does not really fit the description of otaku, which is not capable of social interactions with people. Yes, in the first series he is stubbornly dumb and does things that an adequate person in his right mind would not do, but later he completely takes the blows of fate and behaves adequately. Moreover, he is not to blame for all sins, he is very well framed and will not be believed until a certain moment. Moreover, from a certain moment it becomes clear that Naofumi is a fairly smart and calculating guy, whose actions are interesting to watch and who is quite easy to empathize with.

The first four episodes of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari set the viewer to a gloomy atmosphere, preparing you to watch the difficult adventures of all the rejected hero, who is forced to create evil in order to survive, but later the gloomy atmosphere instantly volatiles, changing to a smoother atmosphere, because the main problems of the hero have already been solved. And we see a common adventure in the fantasy world of the protagonist and his companions.

The first of the advantages can be called a well-adjusted balance between action and adventure, due to which the narrative is uniform in saturation and speed. In the anime, there are practically no passing, frankly boring series that would not move the plot forward in any way – that is why Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari even with all the disadvantages looks easy and undisturbed. Then I would call a very visual demonstration of the manipulation of the media and Vera. Perhaps I have not yet seen in any works such a colorful explanation that in evil hands the media and religion can turn into a dangerous weapon with a force that can destroy everything in its path. And finally, I liked the variety of techniques and abilities that the hero is endowed with – everything looks very colorful and effective. But more than that, I liked how exactly he uses his abilities and the abilities of his satellites, although the tricks are ordinary, but the result is impressive.

Separately, we can say about music, I really liked the motifs of the fantasy world in this work. Here they masterfully combine a variety of musical styles, as a result of which magnificent combined compositions are born, powerful both symphonic and electronic sound.

10. Drifters

Events begin in the midst of the battle for Sekigahara (Japan). The defeated detachment of the Shimazu clan decides to make a breakthrough, but the enemy stubbornly catches up with the retreating. In order to delay the pursuit and give their troops time to retreat, the young samurai Toyohisa Shimazu with a small detachment block the road to the enemy. As a result of an unequal battle, Toyohisa’s detachment is defeated, and he himself is mortally wounded. However, instead of going to the forefathers, Toyohisa suddenly discovers herself in a white corridor with many doors, in the middle of which a mysterious man with glasses sits at the table. He marked something in his papers, and Toyohisa was dragged into one of the doors. So he ended up in a different world inhabited by fabulous creatures. Soon Toyohisa met in him other people who came here from their native world – here they are called wanderers. Joining forces with Nobunaga Oda and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu, Toyohisa goes on a trip to an unfamiliar world, leaving behind a deep bloody trail wherever he appears.

The main part of the characters in Drifters are real historical personalities transferred to the fantasy world from different eras and different parts of the Earth. The main 3 characters from which the plot begins are very bright and each unique and strong in its own way. Toyohisa Shimazu is a samurai of the late sixteenth century who died in 1600 at the Battle of Sekigahara (by the way, anime begins with it); Nobunaga Oda is the military-political leader of Japan in the mid-sixteenth century, who devoted his life to uniting the country; Yoichi Suketaka Nasu is a samurai of the late twelfth century, known for his skill in archery.
Even if the story is led by one hero, he will be equally interesting, but when they are together it will be even better. At first they will seem to you to be villains, as well as civilians: on the one hand it is, but everyone has his own story behind him, his own standards, motivations, and principles.

A little bit of everything was revealed by secondary heroes, but all of them are also such bright personalities and all so different that there is almost no one like each other.
Of course, the anime will seem gloomy to you, but there is a share of humor in it, and not bad.
The drawing is very high-quality, that the heroes themselves, that this world. In order to make sure of the quality of the picture, it will be enough to look at a couple of screenshots, and the questions will fall away by themselves. Great big plans with extremely high level of detail.

The most important thing to see here is the battle scenes, the strategies of the main characters and, of course, the music from the opening. Guys, I then listened to this song without stopping, it’s so awesome.