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Top 10 games I’m ready to play again and again (Part 2)

Well, here’s the second part of the article. The first part can be found HERE.


6. The Sims.

I’m sure everyone knows this game too. The Sims is a single-player video game in life simulation genre, developed by Maxis team under the guidance of game designer Will Wright and published by Electronic Arts. Some may like it and some may not, but this game is unique and so far I haven’t seen anything like it. And yes I started playing it when there were sims 2 discs, but now I like creating different characters and going through different hobbies, interests or plots. Your personal dollhouse)

The Sims 3 is a single-player life simulation video game developed by Maxis under the direction of game designer Rod Humble and published by Electronic Arts. In the U.S. the game was released June 2, 2009 for the operating systems of personal computers – Windows and Mac OS X. In Russia, The Sims 3 came out June 5, 2009, its Russian localization was the company “SoftClub. In addition, in 2010 the simulator was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS.

The player controls one or more characters – sims, takes care of their welfare, developing their skills, strengthen relationships with other characters, promotes their careers and equipping their homes. There is no storyline, and The Sims 3 can theoretically be played forever.

In The Sims 4 there is no clear plot, and gameplay is non-linear and has no set end goal. The player controls up to eight personally created or chosen characters, directing them to perform various activities, such as satisfying their own needs, earning money and creating relationships with other characters. The construction editor allows you to create a building in the desired style and furnish it, after which player-controlled sims can live in it.



7. Layers of Fear.

One of my favorite games, it just has what I like best, it’s puzzles and riddles that you can solve, or rather you absolutely have to solve. Walking around the house of a psychopathic artist, his suffering and his life, we all learn in stages. The atmosphere of the game scared me in places, and yes the screamers too, but it was the music that kept me playing. By the way, this game has a direct sequel, playing as the daughter of the protagonist of the first part.)
Layers of Fear is a computer game in the psychological horror genre, developed by the Polish studio Bloober Team and published by Aspyr. The game was released on February 16, 2016 for personal computers on Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems, as well as for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. On February 21, 2018, Layers of Fear: Legacy, the Nintendo Switch version of the game, was released.

In Layers of Fear, the player controls an artist with a mental disorder as he tries to complete his masterpiece. The first-person gameplay is an exploration of a Victorian mansion in order to find the items needed to create a painting and to uncover disturbing secrets about the life of the artist and his family. The house through which the player navigates reflects the unstable state of the protagonist and constantly changes the setting to illustrate the artist’s growing madness.

On August 2, 2016, the Layers of Fear: Inheritance add-on was released, which is a story-driven sequel to the game. In the DLC, the player controls the artist’s daughter, who returns to her old home. As she explores it, she relives the dark memories of her childhood and tries to make sense of her father’s past to find a way to forgive him.
The player takes on the role of an artist who returns to his studio. His initial goal is to finish his masterpiece, and the player’s role is to figure out how this task can be accomplished. The player explores the Victorian mansion, exploring it to find visual clues and various puzzles. At the beginning of the game, the house seems ordinary, but as the story progresses, the setting around the player changes, often accompanied by scrimmages. These changes provide new puzzles.

The game is divided into 6 chapters, in each of which it is necessary to find the item needed to complete the picture. Also, while exploring the house, the player can find various objects, notes, drawings that reveal certain aspects of the artist’s life, including the family tragedy that occurred. Some of them are presented in the form of dialog memories.

In this game you can get one of the 3 main endings, all your actions will affect which ending you get. There are several episodes in the game, although the location of this game is all the same house, but with each episode it will change so that you will think you are in different places. I highly recommend it to everyone who likes psychological walkthroughs, with elements of horror.


8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Continuing the theme of games, walkthroughs with puzzle solving and with elements of mystic and horror) This next game can capture you with beautiful scenery, and ways to confuse you so that you will find a way back to the right path for a very long time. All those who have dreamed of feeling like a kind of detective who investigates not only missing, but also murders and conspiracies.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a computer game in the quest genre, developed by the Polish studio The Astronauts. The protagonist of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a private detective Paul Prospero, who goes in search of disappeared boy named Ethan Carter. His investigation leads him to the quiet town of Red Creek Valley, Wisconsin, where something strange is going on. The game has an open world in which you can travel (with some artificial limitations).

As a character explores the game world, he or she finds various evidence items related to the events that took place there. The main character’s psychic abilities allow him to visualize these events. To do this, it is necessary to find all the clues located nearby. Having found any important item, the player gets a clue about the place with which the item is connected. Some items are allowed to take with them to use later, but there is no inventory in the game, so the player will have to remember what he took.

When enough clues are found, the player can reconstruct the sequence of events. To this end, he needs to place numbers above each character, denoting the chronology of the actions committed by the episode’s participants. As a reward, the player receives a story scene.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has an open world that can be freely explored. The player is unobtrusively guided – to solve the next murder, you must first solve the previous one. If the player misses any side quest, he will see a map of the area with all the important action locations marked before the finale.



9. Dear esther

Once again we have an open world game, but here this game will be interesting for those who want to wander around the beautiful places and just pick up the pieces of someone’s story. Beautiful scenery, a world for the survey of the large, quiet quiet, there is no horror here, only maybe some mystery of these places. And the mystery of the letters you will find along the way.

Dear Esther is an experimental computer game developed by an independent studio The Chinese Room for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Originally Dear Esther was a Source engine modification of the shooter Half-Life 2. It was released on July 29, 2008. The reworked and updated version Dear Esther was released on the 14th of February, 2012 and distributed on Steam and GOG.
The game is set on a desert island and accompanied by a voice-over narration, reading fragments of a letter addressed to a woman named Esther. There are no puzzles or enemies in the game.

Gameplay consists of moving around locations with a first-person view. The goal is to get to the radio tower with the flashing red light. As the player moves around the island, there are monologues that tell this or that part of the narrative. In particular, the narrator mentions several main characters: a man named Donnelly, who discovered the island; a certain Paul, a drunk driver who had an accident that supposedly caused Esther’s death; and Jacobson, a shepherd who lived on the island in the eighteenth century. As the player explores the island, he discovers various abandoned buildings, the remains of housewares and shipwrecks, and a network of underground caves, the walls of which are littered with fluorescent paint painted chemical formulae, diagrams, and pictures of chains of neurons and bacteria. From time to time, faint, dark human figures can be spotted in remote corners of the island, but they disappear from view when you try to examine them more closely or get closer. As the game progresses, the narrator’s monologues and thoughts blur and change, making it increasingly difficult to recognize which character is speaking.


10. Kholat

I don’t know if you’ve heard this story or not, but we have one of the most mysterious mysteries in our country – This, the story of the “Dyatlov Pass”. The expedition, which ended in tragedy, but there are so many mysteries to this day that we may never be able to know the whole truth.
But I must say right away, even though the game is based on real stories, in itself it is a story of the developers of the game and their writers, you should not think that everything that happens in the game was true)

This game was based exactly on the different theories of this mystery. This game will draw you with its unusual visions and beautiful landscapes, even if you don’t know about what happened, it won’t prevent you from enjoying the game. So, at least take a look at it, I’m sure you will be hooked.
Kholat is an indie survival horror game developed by Polish developers IMGN.PRO, in which the player controls the protagonist who follows the steps of a group of nine Russian college students who disappeared in February 1959 on Kholat Syahla. The game is based on the Dyatlov Pass incident involving ten Russian students, nine of whom went missing at Holat-Syahl and were found dead within four months (the tenth student returned early due to illness). Holatchahl (“Holat Syahl”) is a Russian transliteration of the word Holatchahl, which means “Dead Mountain” in Mansi.

The game was released on the Steam Store on June 9, 2015. It was released on the Nintendo Switch on May 14, 2020. It was also released in Japan on September 17, 2020.

The authors came up with their own, highly mystical version of the death of the Dyatlov group. As soon as we get to the foot of the mountain, we hear the voice of the man-who-speaks-Shaun-Bean. He speaks with frightening riddles, then demands that we hurry to find him (otherwise I’ll give you hell), or appeals directly to the player, appealing to his conscience…

Further the scriptwriters mix in a bunch of religious cults of the Mansi (at every step there are pagan totems and temples), myths and facts about the “Valley of Death” (it is actually in Yakutia) and notes with headings like “Revived corpses in Siberia”.
This has its own atmosphere, the constant expectation of something amiss. The Unreal 4 engine gives you a very realistic picture, you literally feel how cold, dark and uncomfortable it is. The sound also helps: whispers and screams add to the creepiness at the right moments, and perfectly matched oppressive music fades in and out, then pulses hysterically in your headphones.

And it’s worth getting to any of the “landmarks,” as particularly unnerving events happen. A monster will appear out of the orange fog, making you look for somewhere to hide, the doors will start slamming, or the whole house will start trembling nervously…