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Shows I would recommend you watch

Do you also like to watch series? I love watching them, but I haven’t watched that much and I haven’t finished everything yet. But I want to tell you about my favourites. If your series is not available, write to me about it, maybe I watched it, but did not write it down here. There are a lot of series and a lot of good ones, so I will add my list) Some of them I watched in full, some of my number of seasons, I have not finished yet. But I have something to tell you about each of them! So have fun watching in the future)
There will be several parts!



Set in present-day Portland, a homicide detective learns that he is the descendant of a group of hunters known as “Grimms” who fight to keep humanity safe from supernatural beings. After learning of his fate, and that he is the last of his kind, he must protect every living soul from the sinister characters of the storybook that have infiltrated the real world.
If you like something like The Witcher, then this series is very similar. Only the action takes place in the modern world, and this is very interesting. All mystical creatures appear in various fairy tales of different peoples and countries of the world, which is interesting to study. Fighting scenes will also be here, because the main character is a detective. As well as werewolves, witches, various sects and much more interesting in this gloomy world. All the characters attracted my attention, which is only one werewolf Monroe, he is so correct, but when in the form of a wolf, he is worth being afraid of. There is also a lot of romance and detective stories, there will be many scenes where a tear will be shed and you will be very sorry for the hero.
What are the reincarnations of creatures and medieval books, and weapons, oh, I watched this series with pleasure.
I’ve finished 4 seasons so far and I’m going to watch it to the end. The series currently consists of 6 seasons, it ended in 2017. So you don’t have to wait for episodes to come out!



The series is about four people selected by the Library for a new team of librarians. They, along with Flynn Carson (Noah Wylie), must solve impossible mysteries, recover powerful artifacts and fight against supernatural threats, and especially against the forces of the “Brotherhood of the Serpent” led by the mysterious and immortal Dulac (Matt Frewer) in the first season.
In the second season, they fight Prospero (from Shakespeare’s play) and Professor Moriarty (Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes). In the third season, the heroes encounter the ancient Egyptian God of Chaos – Apophis, as well as DOSA, where Colonel Eve Baird previously worked. In the fourth season, librarians will challenge their employer, they will seriously begin to think about whether they should trust the Library. Also in the fourth season, Nicole Noon (the first keeper of Flynn Carsen) will reappear, who for some reason was imprisoned in the Library for five hundred years.
Even if I don’t really remember the movie “The Librarian”, it was their series that I really liked. The plot based on magic and fairy tales about “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” is very exciting. Also there are various mystical stories and creatures, but still in the modern world.
It was interesting to watch the heroes who do not yet know how to escape or defeat the enemy. All the characters are so different, but they all perfectly complement each other, even if they occasionally quarrel. Let there be no such strong action as in Grimm, but it is not needed here. That they fight with the help of their knowledge and skills, this is a very good idea. After all, a person’s knowledge can help him, even if he himself does not know about it)


Once upon a time, in a Fairytail

We continue the theme of fairy tales and mysticism in the modern world!
The plot of fantasy unfolds in two worlds – modern and fabulous. 28-year-old Emma Swan’s life changes when her 10-year-old son Henry, whom she abandoned many years ago, finds Emma and announces that she is the daughter of Prince Charming and Snow White. It goes without saying that the boy has no doubts that an alternative fairy-tale world exists parallel to ours – the city of Storybrooke, in which Emma ends up. Gradually, the heroine becomes attached to an unusual boy and a strange city, whose inhabitants “forgot” who they were in the past. And all because of the curse of the Evil Queen (part-time Henry’s adoptive mother), with the help of which the sorceress stopped time in a fairy-tale land. However, it is worth reaching out – and the fairy tale will come to life. An epic battle for the future of the two worlds begins, but in order to win, Emma must accept her fate…I started watching this series and only got to season 3, I haven’t been able to watch it yet. There was no time for this. But the series started well for me, but for me it seemed to drag on too slowly. The series seemed a little stretched out. Great emphasis on fairy tales and fairy tale characters. I liked the idea of ​​that. What would happen if the fairy-tale heroes themselves solved their problems and it is fascinating to watch this, because no one is immune from mistakes and problems. Even villains. There is no exact good and evil, everyone has their secrets and their strengths. This was interesting for me to watch.



Squid game

Song Gi-hoon is no longer young, divorced, deep in debt and sitting on the neck of an old mother. Even the money won at the races does not stay in his hands for a long time, and one day he meets a mysterious stranger on the subway, who first offers to play a child’s game, and then gives Gi-hoon a considerable amount and a business card. But the man’s joy will be replaced by despair when he finds out that the ex-wife and her new husband are going to take his daughter to America. He calls the number on his business card and becomes the latest participant in a secret survival game with a $40 million prize. Among the fellow sufferers are his childhood friend – a bankrupt financier, a gangster, a terminally ill old man, a North Korean defector, an immigrant from Pakistan, and many others in desperate need of money.
If you haven’t watched this series, check it out. Yes, it is bloody, but it captures both the picture and some of the characters. It may seem a little incomprehensible or illogical in places to you. But all foreign series, for other people they seem like that, the main thing is to watch until the last episode. There are not many episodes, but they are all very interesting. And the last episode may give a hint of a sequel, but whether it will be or not, no one will tell you.
The topics covered in the series are relevant to this day. After all, we know what a person is capable of when he is in a critical situation and sees no other way out. So some lesson from this series, each viewer will be able to reveal for himself.



The action of the series takes place in a universe where people with superpowers are world famous and work for the influential corporation Vought International, which receives huge profits from their exploitation. However, outside of their heroic roles, most characters are distinguished by arrogant behavior and abuse of impunity. The series follows two opposing groups: The Seven, Vought’s elite team, and The Boys, a group of vigilantes who want to expose the corporation and the superheroes.

The Boys is led by Billy Butcher, who despises all people with superpowers, and the leader of the Seven is the selfish and unbalanced Homelander. At the start of the series, Hughie Campbell joins The Boys after his girlfriend is killed in a high-speed collision with a member of The Seven, and Annie January becomes a member of The Seven and learns an uncomfortable truth about the superheroes she previously admired. The Seven’s team also includes the disillusioned Queen Maeve, the junkie Train-A, the insecure Underwater, the enigmatic Black Noir, and the white supremacist Stormfront. Complementing the Boys Company are the tactical planner Mother’s Milk, the weapons specialist Frenchie, and the superpowered test subject Kimiko. The Seven is overseen by Vought CEO Madeleine Stillwell, who is later replaced by publicist Ashley Barrett.
Superhero movie, but in a black way. Black humor, serious themes, serious problems and lots and lots of gore. Yes, the series is quite tough, but has already found a lot of fans. And with the highly anticipated season 3, we know what’s coming next. Watch this series if you haven’t seen it yet. I just don’t know what else to say about this series. But he is the only one in the field of serials. So it cannot be missed.