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Top 10 games I’m ready to play again and again (Part 1)

I already had a computer when I was a kid, so computer games, I had. But I’m not a gamer like most people. Now I play most of the different games, different genres, but there are games that I am ready to replay many times) But it was from childhood to the end of college, I played a little and looked for games that I was interested in playing and pass their stories. After all, we all had different moods at different times, and the games we want to play also adjust to us. So there will be different games here, of different genres. And yes, each game also fascinated me with its music, if you want, I’ll write a separate article about the music from the games given articles.
Enjoy reading)

What’s up? My story I’ll start with the games, which, although all a little different storyline, but very similar in both graphics and interface.

1.IB, Satsuriku no Tenshi, Forest of Drizzling Rain

I decided to list only my favorite games of these subjects, as these games are a lot, and all I can not pass. And yes they may seem to you games for children, but I do not think so, as these games are horror, albeit not with the scrimmers that you are used to. These games are exciting with interesting characters and story. And also the graphics, which will be unusual for you.


Ib is a 2012 free-to-play psychological horror video game published and developed by kouri for Microsoft Windows. Players control the titular character from a top-down perspective, trapped in an eldritch art museum, later revealed to be called The Fabricated World, where they meet the characters Harry and Mary. Together, they set their sights on escaping the gallery and returning to the real world.

Ib developer kouri’s debut game, developed using RPG Maker 2000. The art and sprites were created by kouri, and the game was made in a two-dimensional style.

Ib was a critical and commercial success after its release in 2012, and in 2014 it was downloaded over 2 million times in Japan and the United States. The game was praised by critics and viewers alike, especially for its gameplay, story, and characters. It has since become iconic, and Ib is credited with helping popularize the use of its engine in developing games without role-playing elements.

This game captivated me with such a cool story at the time, it was a game I was introduced to as a student. And yes, I was still a fan of anime, which for these games, was a big plus. It wasn’t always possible to download myself a game from other countries. It was also unusual to make the main character a girl of about 10 who is hiding from the bloody mannequins in a museum) The very idea that the paintings we see in museums sometimes have a dark mystical history. And yes there are many endings that depend on your actions.

Satsuriku no Tenshi

Satsuriku no Tenshi (殺戮の天使 Satsuriku no Tenshi, Angel of Bloodshed), also known as Angels of Death, is a computer game in the quest genre, developed by single Japanese developer Makoto Sanada under the alias 星屑 KRNKRN (Jap. Hoshikuzu KRNKRN) and originally published through Den-fami Nico Game Magazine for Microsoft Windows in 2015. Satsuriku no Tenshi was created in RPG Maker VX and uses the corresponding engine. The Nintendo Switch version was released in the summer of 2018. The action game, made in the spirit of psychological horror and playing with the clichés of slasher films.

The story takes place in an unknown abandoned building filled with traps and bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs; its protagonists are a thirteen-year-old girl named Rachel Gardner and a twenty-year-old young man named Zach.

Each floor of the building has its own host, the so-called “Angel.” The entire floor space is called the play area, within which the “game” takes place. The goal of the “Angel” in this game is to catch and kill his victim, the goal of the victim is to escape from the killer and get out of there alive.

Each character in this game, will be different from the others and thus you will find your own hero. And yes here you have only one ending, but it’s interesting. And yes I advise you after the game to read the manga, or at least watch the anime. Since the game a little bit omitted details of the characters. But it really wants to know them better.

Forest of Drizzling Rain

If you like ghost stories, then this is the game for you. It’s just that the whole story will be tied to them.
You are in for a story about a girl named Shiori, who had to face a hard ordeal in her life – she lost her parents, their life was taken by a car accident. Totally broken, Shiori can’t cope with her loneliness, and the summer vacations give a lot of free time for unhappy thoughts. So, using a photo found in the family album, Shiori decides to go in search of her other relatives or at least some information about them. And her way is to the village of Azakawa. But what does this village and its inhabitants hide? And why did Shiori’s parents leave the place and cut off all contact with it? Gradually, you’ll find the answers to these questions.
In this game all your actions will influence the game`s ending, because of this you can get several endings.

2. Sally Face

Sally Face is an indie-adventure game created by Steve Gabri aka Portable Moose. The game is about the titular protagonist Sal Fisher (otherwise known as Sally Face), a boy with a prosthetic face who investigates local murders with his friends. The game consists of 5 episodes that were released between 2016 and 2019. Sally Face was also released on Nintendo Switch in 2021. Sally Face is an online game featuring characters such as Sal Fisher, Larry Johnson, Todd Morrison, Ashley Campbell, Travis Phelps, and many others.

This game interested me because of its compelling story and plot. Demons, sects, enemies everywhere, but who is your friend? Everything depends on you and your actions and skills to find and solve riddles) The game consists of several episodes, you also learn the past and future of some characters, all characters are interesting and with unique stories about their lives and each has its own character. I will tell you the story of only the first episode, I do not want to tell you everything, because it will not be very interesting to play.

But maybe you will be interested) Play it, I am sure the music and the drawing, as well as the storyline you will definitely addict. And yes the puzzles there are not ah tee, but how sometimes complex)

Episode 1: Strange Neighbors

Sal Fisher, a 15-year-old boy with a prosthetic face, moves in with his father in the Addison Apartments building in the town of Knockfell. The day before they arrive, another resident, Mrs. Sanderson, is murdered. Sal explores the apartment and meets the other tenants, including Larry Johnson, who reveals that he witnessed the murder. Sal helps Larry find evidence that one of the other tenants, Charlie Mansfield, was the killer. They present the evidence to the police and he is arrested.

3.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I’m sure everyone knows this game, but I’ll tell you a little bit about it, too. After all, I started to play it again when I abandoned it a long time ago.
“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” – a computer game in the action/RPG genre, developed by the Polish studio CD Projekt RED. Released on May 19, 2015 on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, then on October 15, 2019 on Nintendo Switch, it is a narrative sequel to The Witcher (2007) and The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (2011). This is the third game set in the literary universe of the The Witcher book series created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, and the latest to tell the story of the adventures of Heralt of Rivia.

The dark fantasy game, whose world is based on Slavic mythology, tells the story of the witch Heralt of Rivia, a monster hunter, whose adopted daughter Ciri is in danger, being pursued by the Wild Hunt – a mysterious otherworldly force, whose mystery is revealed as the game progresses. Many of the plot details reference the books written by Sapkowski, but the plot remains tied to the first two installments and sums up the trilogy started by the first game, which came out eight years earlier. Unlike the previous games, The Witcher 3 takes place in an open world and focuses on using Geralt’s combat and detective skills to fulfill orders and explore the environment. It’s all part of a multi-level main quest with many secondary missions that can be completed with 36 different endings.

This game is fascinating with its open world, the characters, and especially Geralt’s conversations. Oh his “Zaraza” or “Cholera” just love it) Music in the game is just awesome, we have for the Russian players, very well adapted almost all the songs in Russian, so it’s very nice to listen to it. Although I heard the original, too. But it’s always better to hear it in your native language. About the monsters I don’t need to say much, I will say this, there are a lot of them and very detailed. There are a few of my favorites that I’ve already made several figures of them. I love the local folklore and the slightly mysterious side of the witch’s world and how they struggle with all the adversity and how strong the friendship between the characters is. All of this makes me want to keep playing this game. I hope you have already played it, if not play it by all means) whether you like it or not, it already depends on each of you, but you should try to play it.

4.Assassin’s Creed Origins

The series of Assassin games is diverse, but why did I choose this series for myself? Because I’m a fanatic since childhood from the mystique of ancient Egypt, and here I have the opportunity, at least as myself feel like an explorer and defender of this country. Well, yes, and more battles) About the game series Assassin do not have much to say, we all know how it looks like and how the game, then it all depends on what era the player wants to get to himself. I have played many games in this series, but most of all I liked Ancient Egypt, Greece and Scandinavia. All of these game series I play periodically.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a multiplatform Action/RPG developed by Ubisoft Montreal Studios and published by Ubisoft. It is the tenth game in the game series of the same name. The game was released on October 27, 2017 on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

The game is set in Hellenistic Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra. The protagonist is Bayek, a Medjai who protects his people from threats. The open world allows players to move freely through Egypt. The game is played in third person, and its world can be explored on foot, on horseback, on a camel or by boat.
The events of the game unfold simultaneously in the present and the past.

In 2017, the Order of the Templars, thanks to the Shroud of Eden they obtained two years ago, is ready to recreate the Forerunner in order to gain control of the planet. Violet da Costa turns out to be a member of the Organs of the First Will and has been helping Juno be reborn all along. The Assassins, according to Bishop, plan to take action to retrieve the Particle of Eden.

The player controls the Egyptian explorer Layla Hassan, who explores the memory of the last Medjay, Bayek of Siva and his wife Aya of Alexandria. Together they help Cleopatra in the civil war against her brother Ptolemy XIII and lay the foundation for the Brotherhood of Assassins.

5. Spore

I don’t know if you heard about this game or not, but you just have to play it. At least try it! Let it be pretty old, but this game is unique) Here you will feel like a god!
Spore is a computer game in the God Simulator genre, developed by Maxis studio under the guidance of Will Wright and published by Electronic Arts for Windows and macOS. Spore invites the player to take an evolving species of living beings through a series of stages, from a single-celled microorganism to an interstellar civilization; the game scales accordingly from a single planet to an entire galaxy. Spore’s gameplay changes noticeably with each new stage, drawing elements from games of various genres, whether action, computer role-playing games or real-time strategy. The developers of Spore have used procedural generation mechanisms to create many different and non-repeating living creatures and the planets they inhabit. As a single-player game, Spore also contained an asynchronous online component: player-created content-such as living creatures-was uploaded to a shared database and from there fed to other players, so that a unique kind of creature created by one player could appear in other players’ universes. The game received high praise from critics, who praised the game’s extraordinary scale and the ability for players to create their own unique creatures, buildings, and vehicles; however, critics found the gameplay at most stages of Spore too primitive and bland; the use of the SecuROM copyright protection tech also garnered criticism.
The game is an “evolutionary simulation. The player is given the ability to choose the size, appearance, and path the creature follows.

The game is divided into several stages. At the end of one stage, the result of his actions is read and a special bonus is given, based on the actions, which will affect the subsequent stages. As you pass the stages, the creature physically changes. When passing, for example, you can notice the change in height relative to other creatures (using the example of the hologram used on the planets in the stage “Space.

At the beginning the player chooses a planet (there are always 6 free planets to choose from), on which his creatures will live. The initial stage of the game is chosen. At first you can choose only the first stage “Cage”, but as you pass the rest of the stages will become available for selection. Using the console commands, it is possible to open all levels at the beginning of the game.