Top 10 anime that impressed me at a conscious age – Part 1

Hi, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and my hobbies. I wanted to start with the brightest and greatest hobby – Anime. Of course, not everyone likes Japanese animation, but I hope those who like it will like my list. I met the anime when I was about 7 years old, it was then that we had cable television and a channel where sometimes they showed this animation. The very first were Shaman King, The Adventures of Jing, and of course Naruto. Then buying magazines and collecting posters, drives, the Internet and all of you became an Animeschik. Like most, my parents were negative about it, but what was to be done? It was something new and colorful, such different stories and all very interesting. But what you watch as a child is sometimes felt differently at an informed age. Therefore, I decided to give you a list of exactly from my personal viewing at an informed age. And yes, if I always chose anime selectively, I did not chase novelties or those who were on the main charts. I chose somehow intuitively all the anime that I watched. So, nice reading and a good evening.


1. Steel alchemist

The main characters are two brothers whose father was a great alchemist. Being aged 10 and 11, they decided that they had already achieved great success in alchemy and decided to return their mother. But the attempt was unsuccessful, and the brothers had to pay an expensive price for their mistake: Edward was left without a leg, and Alphonse disappeared completely. But Edward managed to return the soul of his brother and place her in old armor. Only this failure did not stop the brothers, and they began to more actively engage in human transformation in order to return the lost body and limb. Therefore, they go in search of the legendary philosopher’s stone, using which you can circumvent the rule of equal exchange. But it wasn’t just the brothers who went looking for him. The cartoon tells about their adventures.

Based on the manga, there are 2 seasons of anime, 2 full-length films and one film adaptation. All I’m going to tell you is what impressed me. I watched both seasons of anime, but the second season impressed me much more than the first. The first season began the narrative, as well as the second season, but in the middle of the story, it did not go to the original plot. The reason was that at that time the manga was not over and the anime screenwriters did not know exactly how to finish, so the seasons differ a little from each other in some details.

This anime hooked me from the first series, there, right in the first series, the non-child meaning of the entire philosophy of this work was already visible. Many words and dialogues of The Steel Alchemist talk about life. This is not surprising, because brothers who paid a heavy price for trying to bring a person back to life look at many things differently. “In order to get anything, you need to give something in return. This is a principle not only of alchemy, but of the whole world! “- the brothers understood that their hobbies are dangerous, and not all people will be able to share their aspirations. But to get the opportunity to find a body and a leg, they were ready to do everything. Also in the anime, the heroes talk about the structure of the world. They believe that imperfection makes it beautiful. The fact that someone seems imperfect will be beautiful for someone. This world is interesting because it is multifaceted – everyone can find something that will be perfection for this person.


In this anime you will be able to see some beautiful locations and get acquainted with many interesting and bright characters. Someone you want to like for sure.
Almost all the heroes involved are also perfectly revealed, not only the brothers themselves, but also both villains and kind people are all revealed from different sides and shown what exactly they are striving for. I can also separately praise the drawing of battle scenes and music.
In general terms, this anime has an interesting plot, philosophical reasoning, interesting plot twists and a good sense of humor. I advise you at least to familiarize yourself.

2. Black clover

In a world where magic solves everything, Asta and Yuno discovered themselves abandoned at the doorstep of the church on the same day. Yuno is gifted with extraordinary magical abilities, in contrast to him, Asta is the only person in the world who does not possess magic. At the age of fifteen, they both receive grimoires – magic books that enhance the magic of their owner. Asta has an extremely rare grimoire of anti-magic, with the help of which it is possible to dispel an enemy spell and direct it against her opponent. Being the complete opposite of each other, they are excellent rivals. Yuno and Asta are ready for any trials to achieve their goal: To become the King of Magicians. For them to surrender is not an option!

If you ever heard of the anime Fairy Tail, then this anime will remind you of it. A beautiful world of magic, where everything is ruled by the power of your inner mana, the stronger it is, the better you will live. Of course, there are a lot of such anime and manga, but this one hooked me not just with history, but with its heroes, where everyone has their own story and their own problems. Such an easier story to understand, but then with every turn, everything becomes more serious and interesting. Each arch is interesting in its own way and unique in its locations, then we are at the bottom of the sea, then in a witch’s forest, or in another country in general.


But of course the battle scenes. I love sword fights, and then a little boy with a bunch of muscles was shown to you, who does not have all the magic, got an unusual sword and could not even raise it sometimes, begins to gradually earn his respect among other knights.


I also wanted to emphasize separately how the relationship of the guild where our main characters will live is shown: like all such different heroes, everyone with their cockroaches is trying to get along, as all their relationships are shown, it is very interesting to watch. Especially their captain’s attitude to his team, I was very funny.

I can also say that the descriptions and songs that accompany them are already on my playlist and I really like it.


3. Doctor stone

At the center of history is a science-fond young man with a superhuman brain, Senku, and his close friend, Taiju, who is proud of his physical strength. Taiju decides to tell about his true feelings to Yuzurikha, which he loved from childhood. Suddenly something incredible happens, and all the people in the world instantly turn into stone.

Then the action is transferred to 3700 years in advance. In a stone world where civilizations have disappeared, Senku and Taizu emerge from a state of fossilization, reunite and decide to build civilization from scratch!

A very interesting anime, in that it tells about science so interesting and informative that you yourself want to try again. Such interesting and different heroes that everyone has something of their own. Unusual humor, unusual decisions and the great power of friendship and science are perfectly shown here.


It is very interesting to listen to how people created something new for their time, although at the moment you are already using it in the habit and do not even think about how it was created. Have you ever thought about which place you would be prepared, born you with your current knowledge a thousand years ago? Could you become a great inventor and researcher capable of leading mankind to new horizons?

We use the most complicated devices every day, not even suspecting how they really are arranged. I’m not talking about the ability to independently recreate them from improvised materials. Mobile phones, computers, home appliances, cars are all the crown of human thought, which is the natural result of the work of billions of people over millions of years. So I would have to become either a peasant, and go to the fields, either a priest, and read prayers, or go to war and perch at twenty years of unsuccessfully picked up consumption, after all, neither normal drugs nor antibiotics existed then, and you could not invent them. After such reflections, you immediately begin to respect that scale of titanic work, done by mankind to enable us to live in a modern society, taking advantage of all the benefits of civilization.

Japanese wise people. They have long understood that in addition to their entertainment function, anime and manga, designed for a wide audience, can also carry educational. After all, combining pleasant with useful, you can achieve very unexpected results. Children will be much likely to know the secrets of the universe devices, if you present these knowledge not in the form of boring lectures read by serious units, but in the form of interesting cartoons and books with bright pictures, where everything is painted by simple and understandable. Yes, what can be said – with competent implementation it will be interesting and adults. That is why in the modern industry is often produced by anime, the tasks of which are not only the visitor to entertain the viewer, but also the presentation of useful information about one or another. So, not so long ago, Hataraku Saibou in unobtrusive form tells about the structure of the human body, its cells and blood circulation. Dr.STone also perfectly combines entertaining and educational feature, demonstrating science as an interesting area giving a person infinite features.


Very colorful drawing and an interesting display of the ideas of the protagonist. On the one hand, the picture looks quite colorful, and copes with the transmission of the atmosphere of the stone world – green, devoid of unusual colors, so familiar to the modern eye. About how he thinks and how he tells others about his future plan. How he interacts with his other friends or villains, how he does everything for the sake of his science and the new world, but what an ordinary person he really is when it comes to power requirements. Very exciting!
Watch this anime, it is very easy to look at and helps to distract from the protagonist unnecessary with his non-standard humor.


I really liked the main message of the anime in my opinion: “Even if the world is destroyed, and we return to the stone world, there will be people who will try and try until they succeed. The power of science lives in each of us, let it be an artisan, let it be a scientist or a proclaimed magician. We will move forward, which is called evolution.”

4. Death Parade

The anime tells us about the bar. A bartender named Dekim works in it, and a pretty brunette helps him, who does not remember her name (it is later revealed that her name is Chiyuki, so in the future I will call her that). But the bar itself is not of particular interest, but its visitors – people who died here at the same moment get here.
It turns out that after death, the soul does not go directly to paradise or hell, but must go through a court, according to the results of which it will be determined what awaits a person: rebirth or eternal oblivion. The verdict is delivered by judges – creatures that are very similar to people, but do not have emotions that can prevent them from making the right decision. Deckim is one of them. The following rules apply to judges:

  1. Judges cannot stop sentencing, because for this they exist.
  2. Judges cannot know death, because it will make them too similar to people.
  3. Judges are not able to experience emotions, because they are just dolls.


The main characters in the “Death Parade,” in fact, are only two: this is Dekim and Chiyuki. But the whole highlight is not in them – Death Parade is valuable precisely for its secondary heroes. I mean “guests” coming to the bar, that is, dead people. Each of them has its own life story, not always pleasant, but therefore no less saturated and complex.

As Dekim correctly remarked: “Life is full of mysteries. Each individual life has its own history, but in the end it still weaves with others, and no one knows what it will lead to. ”

Each person has his own character, his own fears and memories. The screenwriters were able to make the stories for the guests plausible enough that the viewer had a desire to empathize with what was happening on the screen. Moreover, the emotional color of each story is different.


Of course, one cannot fail to note the excellent style of Death Parade. The interior of the bar, exquisite alcohol, light music on the background – all this constitutes a single, very stylish picture. The music is what’s needed for the bar. Violin, piano, saxophone. A lot of lyrical compositions. Separate love for opening and ending, they are also wonderful. It is very interesting to watch the big difference in mood in the opening, where such moving jazz and anime itself play, where it is more and more calm and a little tense. But a separate highlight can be said about ending, which reminds us of the fragility of our lives with the help of dolls.

A very interesting anime for those who like to think about life and about people themselves, about issues of life and death, about justice and the very purpose of each life. In this work, not only will these questions be raised, but no one will tell you the exact answer, it will simply be a few options where each person will choose something of his own.

Here the highest rating can already be given for the “guests” of the bar and their life stories. But Death Parade does not stop there, and adds unusual characters as main characters. It’s only a pity that not many judges showed us.


5. Dororo

Dororo’s events unfold in alternative medieval Japan of the Sengoku period (XV-XVII centuries), inhabited by militant samurai and bloodthirsty demons. A local daimyo (military feudal lord, literally a big name) named Daigo Kagemitsu, seeing the decline of his lands, decides to turn to the help of demons, offering them anything in return. However, Daigo will not immediately know the price of such a transaction. During the birth of his firstborn, lightning sparkles in the sky, and then people present during childbirth see an unhappy newborn without skin, eyes, hands, legs and other organs. Such was the price – each demon took himself by organ from the child. Daigo, blinded by success, tells the servants to kill the child, but the nanny who was giving birth took pity on him and sends the unfortunate in a boat down the river. Fate mercified the child, who later received the name Hyakkimaru, and gave him the opportunity to live. Growing up, he decides to return what belongs to him rightfully, and moves forward to hunt demons. Only by killing them all, he is able to get the removed organs, and he will do everything to return the stolen.


Soon he saves the orphan thief Dororo, who, unlike most other living souls, does not run away, barely seeing him. So began their adventure.
This is one of the small but colorful anime, although the manga on which the anime was adapted is long old, but the story is unusual for the theme of historical samurai battles. The main role in this anime is played by characters, since it is from their appearance that the story is narrated. In addition to the main characters, as well as protagonists and antagonists, each of whom has a well-defined background and motivation, Dororo has a huge number of high-quality secondary characters. They all fit harmoniously into the narrative, by their presence reviving the atmosphere of Japan of those times and making history extremely rich for interesting moments.


I also want to separately note the design of the characters. I want to remind you that the series is based on an old manga, in which the style of the characters was somewhat simplified. And then they became such colorful heroes, everyone has something of their own that distinguishes him from others. And finally, one cannot fail to note the elaborate animation, which is especially important in an anime saturated with battles.


Of course, there are a lot of bloody and terrible scenes in this anime, but this is what shows the whole picture as a whole of that time, not always everything is fine with everyone, it is how we cope with problems that makes us stronger. In general, Dororo demonstrates in an excellent way that in reality there are no exclusively “white” and “black” people who are in all respects good or bad, and that each person is more or less “gray.” Moreover, Dororo clearly shows that under certain conditions a good person can do bad things, and a bad person can do good things. It all depends on the circumstances. So I recommend getting acquainted with this anime, but only you decide to watch it or not)