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TOP-20 Favorite songs at the moment

Hi everyone!

Since I love and listen to music very often. I am sure that most people like me like to listen to music of different genres and in different languages.

Previously, I listened mainly to the rock genre when I studied at a music school and met classical music. Some works of classics really impressed me, later they began to be added to my playlist. Then I began to add Japanese music from cartoons of the Ghibli studio and various anime series. Already in adulthood, music from TV shows and films began to appear. So my journey from pure rock to meloman was not so long, but very interesting. Today I continue to listen to rock, and also open to new music, but not all modern music I like, so I listen to what came up to me in sound, in mood, or just very well written. Although I don’t understand a lot of lyrics (I don’t know languages) but the melody itself and how the text is sung in it, I like it.

I want to share with you a small part of my playlist so that someone can discover new songs for themselves or just listen to what they have already heard again. Yes, I know that many people may not like it, disagree with my opinion, 6 but I do not want to offend anyone, I just share my dear things with you. After all, music is beautiful.

Nice listening! =)

2. Авантюрист – Виталий Чирва
3. Resonance T.M.Revolution
4. Stalker’s Tango Autoheart
5. Counting Sheep Safia
6. Sea Shanty Medley – Home Free
7. Livin’ La Vida Loca – Autumn Kings
8. Contradiction feat. Tyler Carter – Ksuke, Tyler Carter
9. Sunshine – OneRepublic
10. Enemy from the series Arcane League of Legends – Imagine Dragons, J.I.D, Arcane, League of Legends
11. Golden Time Lover – Sukima Switch
12. LOST IN PARADISE (Jujutsu Kaisen Ending Theme Song) – Ali, Aklo
13. Ori Ori – Manntra
14. Fire Queen – Bee
15. Формалин – Flёur
16. Le temps des cathédrales – Bruno Pelletier
17. L’Assasymphonie Radio Edit – Mozart l’Opéra Rock
18. Kill the Lights – Set It Off
19. Intro – The xx
20. Blood // Water – grandson